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Are you struggling to live a confident or healthy life because of the condition of your teeth? Are daily activities like eating becoming unbearably painful or are you too embarrassed to talk or laugh openly? If your life is characterized by discomfort, declining health, and a loss of self-esteem because of your smile, know that our team at Riversbend Dental is here to help with solutions like full mouth dental implants in Maineville, OH! We provide complete smile transformations here—giving you back an amazing quality of life by restoring the health, function, and beauty of your smile.

Your Full Arch Rehabilitation Options

You have the option to choose between three full arch treatments: removable dentures, implant supported dentures, and full mouth dental implants. Even if you don’t currently wear dentures, you probably know that these are false teeth that rely on pastes or adhesives and natural suction to stay in your mouth. Implant supported dentures are held in place by two or more dental implants and will feel more secure but need to be removed daily to clean. Full mouth dental implants permanently replace a full arch of upper or lower teeth (or both) with a fixed bridge of teeth attached to four or more dental implants. This prosthesis most closely mimics the look, feel, and function of natural teeth and will never loosen or fall out. Full mouth dental implants are the only option that can improve your physical health, too. Ridding your smile of diseased, failing teeth and replacing them with teeth that are strong and secure makes it possible to achieve better oral and overall health. We can provide this solution the same day as your dental implant surgery, so you’ll never be without teeth.

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Dr. Mahon discusses Why Full Arch Dental Implants Is a Better Option Over Dentures

A New Smile in One Day

Our full mouth dental implants protocol allows us to attach a provisional set of teeth during the same appointment as your implant placement. You can leave our office on the day of your surgery with a full set of fixed teeth that function like normal and can’t be removed (except by us). While your dental implants heal, you can enjoy all the benefits of these strong and sturdy teeth like eating your favorite foods, looking and feeling attractive, and having the confidence to be yourself again and socialize with others! Once your final set of teeth are in place, you can enjoy the amazing benefits of dental implants and a beautiful, functional smile for the rest of your life. We want all our patients to achieve this quality of life and encourage you to read more about the process of receiving full mouth dental implants.

Our Smile Transformation Process


Step one: consultation and treatment planning

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Step one: consultation and treatment planning

Your personalized consultation with our team is one of the most important steps in your treatment. We want you to feel completely comfortable getting care from us! We’ll discuss your smile goals and how full mouth dental implants can benefit your situation. Next, we’ll take 3D scans of your mouth with our CBCT machine to evaluate the health and quality of your jawbone. Sometimes bone grafting is necessary if too much bone has resorbed due to missing teeth, though our advanced protocols can usually eliminate this procedure altogether! These scans are also what our partnering dental lab will use to custom make your surgical guide. Digital diagnostics is one of the ways we can ensure your treatment is at the highest level of precision and accuracy (which means a more predictably functional and long-lasting result for you). We’ll have your temporary bridge of teeth made and ready for you the day of surgery, too, so you’ll be able to leave with a brand-new smile.

Step two: surgery and provisional attachment

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Step two: surgery and provisional attachment

Today is the day your smile will be restored! We’ll help make you comfortable in our treatment suite before we begin any surgery. This will include custom sedation, if you’d prefer additional help relaxing during the procedure. We work with a skilled oral surgeon who will place your dental implants. In addition to being highly experienced, our oral surgeon is an expert in dental surgeries and is licensed to administer IV sedation. With expertise and assistance from technology and your custom surgical guide, our oral surgeon will provide a minimally invasive procedure with a predictable outcome. When your dental implants have been placed, we’ll attach the provisional and let you see your new smile for the first time. You’ll wear this smile out of our office!

Step three: healing and final restoration

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Step three: healing and final restoration

As your dental implants heal, they will become strong and stable as your natural bone grows around the individual posts in your jaw. During this phase, you’ll be able to eat with your temporary set of teeth as if they were the real thing. It will take about 4 or more months for your jawbone and dental implants to fully integrate. However, some of our patients choose to remain in their temporary set of teeth for up to a year after surgery to help make treatment more affordable. Since this temporary is made from the same (or similar) materials as your final restoration, it’ll function without issues during this time. When you do return to our office for your final set of teeth, we’ll remove the provisional, then attach this permanent bridge to your dental implants. Your final set of teeth will be made from zirconia or another strong material that looks just like natural teeth and gums. You’ll experience a return to over 98 percent dental function and look years younger in a complete, beautiful smile. Enjoy your new smile for life!

Afford Your Smile

We want all our patients to experience the benefits that come with having functional teeth and a beautiful smile. It’s one of the reasons we offer all the treatments you’ll need right here in our Maineville, OH office. You’ll never have to go anywhere else for individuals procedures. More than saving you time and hassle, keeping your dental implant treatment all in-house lets us bundle our services and provide you with a more streamlined process and overall cost while maintaining superior quality. Pricing for our implant supported dentures begins at $15,000 and our full mouth dental implants treatment begins at $27,000. This includes the high-quality services and specialized treatment from our oral surgeon, all designed to result in an amazing outcome for you!

To help you afford your new smile, we’ve partnered with GreenSky® and Proceed Finance, two third-party financing companies that offer low-interest, low monthly payment options for every budget. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about these options and to schedule your personalized consultation with us!

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