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Missing multiple teeth, especially in a row, can quickly become a burden to everyday life. You might start talking with a lisp or have trouble eating. You may smile less because you’re embarrassed about your tooth loss. And you might worry about what a life with a partial denture will look like in a few years. But there is good news! All these embarrassments and worries can be resolved by choosing dental implants in Maineville, OH!



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How Dental Implants Benefit You

Dental implants are the only permanent way to replace multiple missing teeth. They consist of titanium posts that are surgically placed in your natural jawbone to function like tooth roots. Attached to these posts are abutments, which connect to a custom-made dental bridge. This option is “fixed”, meaning it won’t need to be removed to clean or ever loosen and fall out when you eat, talk, laugh, or even sneeze. A dental implant bridge doesn’t rely on adjacent healthy teeth for support either. Where it used to be difficult replacing more than two teeth in a row, a bridge supported by dental implants makes this easy and a far superior alternative to a partial denture or conventional bridge. By choosing an implant supported bridge, you’ll be providing your jawbone with the healthiest support, keeping your existing teeth from harm, and getting a row of teeth that look and feel completely natural. We accomplish all this and more through our custom dental implant treatment at Riversbend Dental.

Our Custom Treatment Process


Step one: personalized consultation

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Step one: personalized consultation

Your consultation is an important step in your treatment process. During this appointment, we’ll discuss what you can expect with dental implants and how to care for them. We’ll also walk you through the treatment process and the day of surgery. To ensure we’re providing the most personalized care, we’ll take CBCT scans of your mouth to evaluate the health and quality of your jawbone, and if you’ll need bone grafting. These 3D images also help us map out the most precise areas to place your dental implants for a predictable surgical outcome. Next, our partnering dental lab will custom-create a surgical guide that our oral surgeon will use to make sure the treatment we planned is the treatment you’ll receive. You’re one step closer to a restored smile!

Step two: dental implant surgery

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Step two: dental implant surgery

Today, you’ll be getting your dental implants placed and a temporary bridge of teeth attached! Dental implant surgery is minimally invasive with our skilled oral surgeon and surgical guides, so we’ll only need to numb the treatment site with local anesthetic. If anxiety will keep you from relaxing during surgery, we can provide nitrous oxide or IV sedation to help you feel calm. Then, using the guide placed over your gums, our oral surgeon will place your dental implants. Our oral surgeon is an expert in dental implant surgeries and is licensed to offer IV sedation. With this combination of expertise and training, you can feel confident knowing your surgery will go exactly as planned. We’ll have a temporary bridge ready so that once your implants are in place, we can attach your set of teeth. They will be fixed in place and functional. They’ll look and feel completely natural, too!

Step three: healing and final restoration

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Step three: healing and final restoration

Over the next few months, your natural bone will begin to heal around the dental implant posts. This process called osseointegration, is crucial to the longevity of your dental implants and the reason why they’re so strong and stable in your mouth. When this healing phase is complete, we’ll remove the temporary bridge and replace it with a permanent one. This bridge of teeth will be incredibly strong and look just like natural teeth. You’ll be able to bite and chew your food like normal, while others won’t even know you have multiple artificial teeth! With the proper at-home care and routine appointments at our office, your dental implant bridge can last for decades!

A Complete Smile within Your Budget

Most patients are excited to find out that they truly can afford this life-changing solution, and don’t need to choose between conventional bridges or partial dentures. The cost for a single dental implant at our office is $5,000, but the price won’t double for the second implant. In fact, getting an implant supported bridge is more economical than having an implant placed where each tooth is missing. And long-term, dental implants will be healthier, more functional, and better for your smile than a conventional bridge or partial because. Additionally, in many cases, we can design and mill your dental bridge right in our office using CEREC technology to streamline both your treatment time and cost. We’ll do all we can to ensure you can afford your dental implants, including helping you choose a third-party financing option that fits within your budget. Rest assured, a complete and functional smile is within reach—and we’re here to help you!

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