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Restore Look, Feel, and Function

Your hopeless or missing tooth doesn’t have to cause you worry or embarrassment any longer. With today’s modern solution—dental implants—you can restore the look, feel, and function of natural teeth! A dental implant works as a tooth in every way. It’s made up of a titanium post (tooth root) and a dental crown (visible part of tooth), so it will be secure and look attractive while keeping your mouth healthy. Dental implants are not supported by adjacent teeth like conventional bridges nor are they removable, non-functional teeth like partial dentures. If you have an unsalvageable or missing tooth, a dental implant will replace both the lost root and crown, giving you the same natural foundation and strength for biting and chewing food. Don’t wait to replace your tooth with a dental implant in Maineville, OH! Our team has the expertise to complete your entire treatment right in our office—giving you amazing results without any hassle.




Implant Post

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Efficient, Predictable Treatment

Your hassle-free treatment is due to our experience and technology. In addition to three in-house restorative dentists, we work with an experienced and skilled oral surgeon who will complete your surgery in our own treatment suite. We’ll complete your consultation and diagnostics, implant surgery, and restorative treatment without you ever having to leave our Maineville, OH office for care. Additionally, by using our innovative technology like CBCT imaging and CEREC to make temporary teeth for the day of surgery, your treatment will be efficient and predictable, giving you the results you want. We encourage you to read on about what else you can expect receiving a dental implant from our team.

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Our Treatment Process


Step one: consultation

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Step one: consultation

Your first step of treatment is a personalized consultation at our office. We’ll talk about your smile goals and complete diagnostics, including CBCT imaging, to assess the health of your jawbone. Resorption after a single missing tooth may not require bone grafting, but we’ll determine this by evaluating these 3D scans. If you still have a tooth, but it’s too damaged or decayed to save, your treatment plan will include a tooth extraction, which can be completed the day we place your dental implant, in most cases. Our partnering dental lab will then create the custom surgical guide for our oral surgeon. We’ll have your temporary restoration ready, which you’ll receive the day of surgery.

Step two: surgery

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Step two: surgery

Many of our patients are relieved to find that dental implant surgery using a custom guide is actually minimally invasive! Surgery only needs local anesthetic for patients to be pain-free during the procedure, but we additionally offer nitrous oxide and IV sedation if undergoing surgery makes you anxious or fearful. Our oral surgeon will then surgically place your dental implant using the guide to ensure the best position of the implant post in your jaw and the best angle for a natural-looking new dental crown. Then, if the primary stability of your dental implant is sufficient, we’ll attach the temporary restoration, providing a natural feel and look during the healing phase.

Step three: restoration

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Step three: restoration

While your mouth heals from surgery, your natural bone will begin to grow around the implant post, a process known as osseointegration. This integration is what gives dental implants their strength and stability! When this healing phase is complete, usually a few months after surgery, you’ll have your temporary removed and your permanent dental crown attached to the dental implant instead. This crown is made from a block of ceramic or porcelain, two incredibly strong materials that also have the color and translucency of natural teeth. If you take great care of your oral health, maintain good health habits, in addition to visiting our dentists twice a year for cleanings, your dental implant has the potential to last your lifetime!

The Affordable Long-Term Solution

A well-cared-for dental implant should never become loose, stained, decayed, or break—they’re meant to last for the rest of your life and provide amazing function and beauty the whole time. Neither conventional bridges nor partial dentures can boast this longevity or the health and functional benefits of dental implants. This is why we consider dental implants to be the single best, one-time investment in your smile! Our dental implant pricing for a single missing tooth begins at $5,000. Bundled in this cost is the treatments you’ll need, the high-quality materials we hand-pick for your unique case, and the expert surgical and restorative care from our skilled team. Remember, this is meant to be a “one-and-done” cost and you most likely won’t need to pay for any other treatments, as is to be expected with conventional bridges and dentures. Over time, your dental implant will become the most affordable long-term solution for a missing tooth. We help you afford this amazing solution with our third-party dental financing, including GreenSky and Proceed Finance.

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