Have One or More Missing Teeth?

The Trouble with Tooth Loss

Missing teeth can certainly have troubling consequences, especially to your confidence and function. This may not be noticeable if you are missing a single molar, but if you have a knocked-out front tooth or are missing many teeth, the effect it has on your emotions and health is more obvious. Missing teeth can weaken the surrounding bone and teeth and if tooth loss is the result of decay or periodontal disease, the risk you’ll lose more teeth is greater. We can help you avoid the following problems by replacing your missing teeth in Maineville, OH with dental implants.

  • Shifting or loosening of remaining teeth
  • Changes to your bite and function
  • Spread of gum disease to other teeth
  • Bone loss that affects facial appearance
  • Decreased ability to eat and declining health
  • Loss of confidence and emotional wellbeing

Treating Tooth Loss at the Source

Knowing why you lost a tooth or teeth is just as important as knowing the best way to replace them. If your tooth was knocked out, this is generally a simpler fix involving either a dental implant or a conventional bridge. However, if you’re suffering from multiple missing teeth and bone loss due to gum disease or poor oral health, we need to first ensure your mouth is healthy before replacing your teeth. This may include removing hopeless teeth, gum disease treatment, and bone grafting. Working together, our dentists and partnering oral surgeon will create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific oral health condition and provides you with a smile that is functional, healthy, and beautiful.

Choose Permanent Dental Implants

For most cases of missing teeth, the most ideal tooth replacement option will be dental implants. These restorations are permanent, meaning they’ll function and look just like healthy, natural teeth. You’ll be able to eat comfortably with secure teeth, feel attractive in a life-like and complete smile, and not worry about disease or infection affecting your oral health. At Riversbend Dental, we can both place and restore dental implants in our office, thanks to the expertise and skill of an oral surgeon and our own restorative dentists. Even if you’ve been missing teeth for some time, we can generally provide you with a temporary tooth or set of teeth the day we place your dental implants. You’ll be able to enjoy the amazing benefits of dental implants and begin your journey to better health and confidence immediately after surgery!

Missing teeth?

Restore your health and confidence with dental implants.

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